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Frequently asked questions

A few common things we get are explained below and take less than a minute to fix.

I paid for the Pro Upgrade why am I seeing ads?

You don’t need to pay again at all. To fix your problem, in the apps main Options scroll down to the bottom. Press the “Restore Purchases” option and that will bring your Pro status back. For this to work you must be signed in with the same Apple ID you made the purchase with in the App Store app.

Why did you change the female voice to a robotic sounding male one? (iOS 12)

We didn’t! iOS 12 seems to have made the change to a male voice as the default for the American English accent. We have a short help document on fixing this, Selecting different voices for your workout on your iPhone or iPad.

How do I edit a workout?

Just swipe the workout name (on the main workouts list) from the right and press Modify in the options that come up.

How do I delete a workout?

To delete your workout, swipe the workout (on the main workouts list) from the right and press Arrange in the options that come up. You may then use the red ‘-‘ minus button next to the workout to delete it.

How do I delete an exercise from a workout?

To delete an exercise ‘in’ your workout, on the workout add/edit screen, when you tap an exercise, just above the keyboard that pops up is a yellow “Arrange” button. Tapping this pops up a screen that allows you to reorder and delete exercises as needed. To delete an exercise press the red ‘-‘ minus button next to the exercise.