Help with All Timers

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Frequently asked questions

A few common things we get are explained below and take less than a minute to fix.

How do I delete a timer?

To delete timers, simply swipe any timer from the right and press Arrange in the options that come up. You may then use the red ‘-‘ minus button next to the timers you want to delete. Press Save on the top-right and you’re done.

I cannot hear a sound when a timer completes?

Please allow the app to show notifications when prompted. If you answered no, please turn them on under Settings > Notifications > All Timers, particularly the Sound option. If permissions are correct then check that your device volume is not low or the silent switch is not flipped. Turning on Do not disturb on your iPhone will also disable sounds.

Is there a way to remove the ads?

Yes. Under app Options (top-left) please purchase the Remove ads upgrade.

I paid to remove ads why am I seeing ads again?

You don’t need to pay again at all. To fix your problem, in the app Options (top-left) press the Already paid? option. For this to work you must be signed in with the same Apple ID you made the purchase with in the App Store app.