When you purchase one of our apps via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), like payments, refunds are bound by the rules of those stores. That said, if you’re not happy you really should get your money back no question about it. Here is how.

iOS App Store

On the purchase receipt that Apple mails you, click Report a problem at the bottom and ask for a refund and you should get one. Please note, Apple has different refund policies depending on geographical region and we do not have any control over this.

In some cases when you select the I’d like to request a refund option you might get an automated denial of the refund. You should send an email to iTunes Support in this case requesting a refund. You can find the option to contact Apple Support via email on this page.

Here is Apple’s document on requesting refunds. This other document by them talks about your purchase history and is helpful in case you are unable to locate the mail receipt Apple sent you.

Android Google Play Store

Anytime within 14 days of your purchase please mail us the purchase receipt Google sent you at and just ask. We just need the Order number and Order date from your receipt to be able to find it at our end. In case you are unable to find the mail receipt Google sent, you can find your order history on as Google discusses in this document.

You can also get a refund directly from Google in some situations, typically the first 48 hours after your purchase. Here is Google’s document on this and more.

Our Policy

Our terms and privacy documents further provide more information about our refund policy.