Recommended HRMs

Our apps should work with most Low Energy (4.0 and above) heart rate monitors (HRMs). They do not however work with devices.

It is important to check that your heart rate monitor supports realtime heart rate data transfer over There are also a lot of heart rate monitors that will measure your heart rate but only report it to their own corresponding (or select partner) apps and do not support pairing with other apps. Such devices will not work with our apps.

Connecting your HRM to our apps

To connect your heart rate monitor to our apps put your device in pairing mode. Most heart rate monitors only work with one device or app at a time and must be un-paired with whatever they are currently paired with for this to work. Existing pairing might also include the iOS and Android settings.

A few HRMs we like

Since so many people ask us about heart rate monitors that work well with our apps, we have made a simple list of ones we like and often test our apps with. Please note this list is offered as a courtesy and the actual devices are not offered, sold, or supported by us.

If you prefer wrist based heart rate monitors the Mio Fuse Heart Rate Monitor is a great choice. The modern and new Polar Verity Sense is also a great companion for all sorts of Tabata and HIIT style interval workouts.

If you would instead like a chest strap mounted heart rate monitor the Polar H7 works well. The newer version of this the Polar H10 is also excellent. A similar chest strap heart rate monitor is also offered by Wahoo and is called the Wahoo TICKR.