Tabata Stopwatch iPhone

Help with Tabata Stopwatch

Tabata Stopwatch is no longer available on the App Store. Please update to our Tabata Stopwatch Pro app. You can try the free version here.

Tabata Stopwatch is a beautifully designed high intensity interval training (HIIT) app. The app is designed to help people who follow the Tabata exercise method when working out. The beautiful on screen LCD display tells you about exercise and rest phases, time left and what set you are currently at. To help you truly focus on your exercise session, Tabata Stopwatch plays interval and continuous beeps so that you know where you are in your exercise sets without always having to check the timer screen.

Tabata Stopwatch is available in 2 versions. A paid and a free ad supported version. Both of these are available on the app store.


If you have any questions about Tabata Stopwatch or are having trouble with the app, please email us at

User help

When you first start the app you are shown a LCD display and a play button. The LCD display shows you information about whether your exercise session is currently in on and whether its time to rest or exercise. A timer next to rest and exercise labels tells you how much time you have left in your particular rest or exercise phase. Initially both the rest and exercise labels are turned off showing that there is no current active session.

To start an exercise session you press the play button. Initially, both the rest and exercise labels flash and the timer counts down from 7, giving you 7 seconds to get into exercise position. After 7 seconds are over a beep (if your sound is turned on) tells you to begin exercising. The LCD display also changes and the exercise label comes on. The timer next to the exercise label tells you how much time you have left to exercise. You can also turn on continuous beeps to get audio feedback as you exercise saving you the need to keep looking at the display. When your exercise time is over, the rest label comes on and the timer now shows how many seconds you should rest for before exercising again, until all your sets are over.

The LCD display also shows you whether or not your sound is on by turning on or off the sound label. A set display tells you which set you are currently in and how many sets of exercise and rest you have chosen to complete. Total time left is also shown on the display telling you how long your total tabata workout session will last.

By pressing the ‘i’ at the bottom right of the screen you enter the settings screen. On the settings screen you can set the duration of your rest and exercise phases. You can also set the total number of sets you would like to perform. The settings screen also allows you to set the LCD’s display color and your sound preferences. Sound in beep mode only gives you interval beeps, for example, at the beginning and end of an exercise phase. Choosing continuous sound gives you continuous beeps as you exercise. You may also turn off sound all together.