Duplicating an exercise plan – HIIT Stopwatch

Duplicating an exercise plan

You can duplicate any of the inbuilt plans to later edit them to better suit your needs. You may also duplicate plans you have created to quickly make similar plans.

Duplicating a plan:

  • Press the settings gear icon on the main screen to enter settings.
  • Select the second tab with the dumbbell icon.
  • Under the “Manage Plans” section tap the “Duplicate” option.
  • Scroll the list of plans available and tap on any of them to select one.
  • Press YES on the confirm message to duplicate your selected plan.
  • If you pressed YES, you are taken back to the plans tab, your selected plan’s copy has been added to the plan list and also made the current workout plan.
  • Press the check mark icon (on the top left of the screen) to exit settings.
  • Your plan list with your duplicate plan is now saved.

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