Arranging your exercise plans – HIIT Stopwatch

Moving and deleting your exercise plans

HIIT comes with a number of exercise plans ready to use out of the box and also allows you to create new plans as you need. New plans you create are added to the top of the plan list, you can generally arrange your plan list to have your go to plans at the top.

To arrange your plan list:

  • Press the settings gear icon on the main screen to enter settings.
  • Select the second tab with the dumbbell icon.
  • Under the “Manage Plans” section tap the “Arrange” option.
  • Tap the red minus sign against any exercise plan to delete it.
  • Use the grips on the right hand side to re-order exercise plans by dragging them around.
  • Press the back arrow icon (on the top left of the screen) to return.
  • Press the check mark icon (on the top left of the screen) to return.
  • Your new plan list order is now saved.

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