Tabata Stopwatch Pro – Help

If you have any questions at all contact us at

That said, a few common things we get are explained below and take less than a minute to fix.

I paid for the Pro Upgrade why am I seeing ads?

You don’t need to pay again at all. To fix your problem, in the apps settings scroll down to the bottom and the section called “Sundries”. Press the “Restore Purchases” option and that will bring your Pro status back. For this to work you must be signed in with the same Apple ID you made the purchase with in the App Store app.

Please add the option to set a different sound for the rest (or other) interval?

This is already in the app, on the screen where you set the duration, look up, the top right. Found it?

The voice stopped working, stop ruining the app.

Well jokes aside, this one is generally very simple. Just restart your device (as stupid as that sounds). Voice is a complicated thing and something somewhere just got stuck. The good old give it a whack will fix it.

I cannot hear anything, the sound does not work. Help?

On iOS please check your device volume and mute switch. If those are fine then restarting your device or re-installing the app will fix this.

Android has different volumes for different things, for example, notifications have a different volume from music. The Tabata app uses the music volume for all its beeps, announcements etc. On the timer screen of the Tabata app pressing the volume buttons on your device will allow you to check and adjust your music volume so that it is not very low.

How do I edit a saved preset?

Load a preset, make a change, save as new preset, delete the older preset. Simple, easy and keeps the app settings clean.

Can I name different exercises?

We left this out on purpose because only a few people ever use it and it makes the app infinitely more complex for everyone. We have another app that does allow you to make custom workouts, worth a shot

How do I setup Apple Health? (iOS only)

After you complete your first workout the app will prompt you for Health app permissions. Please answer yes. You can also check your permissions under Sources in the Health app. For estimated calories etc. to be written you must have your sex, height and weight entered in the Health app.